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With everything that’s going on in the world right now, we understand that it’s not always easy to take a moment to pause. So, we turned to yoga teacher and friend of the brand, Susie Hemsted to get her advice on self-care. Susie takes over The Edit for our first instalment of The Wellness Series. Read and absorb, as she tells us about her incredible journey from the corporate world to a professional yoga teacher and her easy tips on looking after yourself first…

From a young age I’d always dreamt of being ‘a businesswoman’ along with the walk-in wardrobe, power suits, heels and board meetings with CEOs and Directors. Rewind to seven years ago, I’d achieved this dream and was in full swing of the corporate world. Life consisted of pre-6am alarms to hit the gym and caffeine fuelled 12-hour workdays, followed by late night cocktails with friends.

But, after 4 years of running on this hamster wheel, I crashed. The stress and overwhelming and unrealistic expectations I placed on myself resulted in total burnout.

Life quickly took a 180-degree style pivot. I trained as a yoga teacher and decided to step away from London account management and move to Australia to dive into the world of Wellness. I found my passion, teaching yoga and meditation, and watched how this magical practise supported my students to slow down, find clarity, sharpen their focus and create more space each day for radical self-care and love.

To say that 2020 has been a crazy year would be an understatement, the whole world has been impacted by the pandemic. In my field of work, I’ve really seen the huge effect it’s had on women.

As women, we put so much pressure on ourselves. Whether it’s to show up with passion at work, maintain a certain lifestyle or be a home-schooling super mum, all whilst trying to breeze through life effortlessly and look fabulous.

As the planet’s life bearers and nurturers, us women are praised for our ability to ‘hold it all together’. But to do that, we need to be looking after ourselves first and foremost. It’s like the reminder from flight attendants at the start of any journey - ‘fit your own mask first, before helping others’.

Are you looking after yourself first? Are you giving yourself the self-care that you need? So, as a former corporate warrior insider, turned wellness practitioner, I am here to remind you that self-care is not selfish. During this season of our lives, we need our personal ‘wellness toolkit’ more than ever.

Taking care of yourself is non-negotiable, even when the world is squeezing time so slim that sometimes it feels impossible.

If time is your biggest hurdle, then I’ve got you. Here are my Top Self-Care Tips, that take under 10 minutes.

1. Move your body daily; yoga, walk, run, dance, swim – anything to release those happy hormones.

2. 5 Minutes of quiet ‘you time’ or meditation. Download a beginners 5-minute meditation here

3. Take a ‘breather’ in nature. A quick break from life’s demands, will instantly refill your cup.

4. Listen to your favourite song and channel your inner Beyonce.

5. Take a moment of gratitude for 3 things you’re grateful for.

6.Self-massage. Grab our favourite potions and lotions and mindfully work from the toes to the head.

Reminder: You deserve and need rest.

Next time, Susie shows us how to stretch it out and improve our posture while working from home with a spot of desk yoga. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon.

Are you curious about meditation but not sure what’s best for your personality, lifestyle and preferences? Take Susie's quiz here to help you find out.

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