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LK Bennett

LKB Conscious: Sustainable Fashion Design

As a brand that has always championed slow fashion designs, our focus on 'wear-forever' quality, craftsmanship and style is at the heart of everything we do. Increasingly, we want to ensure that the LKB quality you know and love is achieved through ethical, sustainable and responsible clothing practices to help protect our planet and its people.

This is why we've launched LKB Conscious. It's something we've been working hard on for a long time, and now we're sharing our journey with you. We have big ambitions for the future and want to keep you updated on how we're doing every step of the way.

We've already made some really positive changes, which you'll find here. Keep scrolling to see what we've been doing and what's next on our list.

Our Journey So Far

Positive Luxury

In 2023, we were awarded the Butterfly Mark certification from Positive Luxury. A globally recognised symbol awarded to luxury brands who show clear commitment to sustainability throughout all areas of business with a verified ESG+ performance.

An ESG+ Assessment was carried out to see us achieve the certification, assessing LK Bennett in terms of Environmental, Social Impact and Governance + Innovation.

Our Commitment

We know we can make better choices to reduce the impact LKB makes on our environment, and LKB Conscious is our commitment to do just that.

We are committed to taking the necessary steps towards becoming a more sustainable designer brand - in everything we do, whether that's the materials we use, the suppliers we work with or the packaging we wrap and deliver our pieces in.

Each step we take helps us to lower our impact, we will continuously monitor ethical practices across our supply chain and constantly strive to find ways we can improve.


One of the most important elements in our sustainability journey is the suppliers we work with. We seek to work with those who share our values, to be as sustainably conscious as possible. Some we've worked with for seasons and seasons, others we've just started working with. Find Out here a few we're currently working with and how their ethical and reduced impact practices help us to be a more eco-friendly fashion brand.

Materials & Innovations

One of the first things our design and technical teams consider when thinking about LKB sustainability, is the materials we use. Where could we use recycled fabrics or those that are biodegradable and therefore kinder to the earth? There are several pieces in our latest collections - from clothing to shoes and accessories - that look to these more responsible materials.


We partnered with Thrift+, a resale platform to reduce our impact and have a conscious and circular approach to fashion. Find out here how to give your once loved clothes a new lease of life.

Leather Working Group

We are a member of the Leather Working Group, a globally recognised organisation representing responsible leather sourcing to the industry and to consumers.

Our Future

We're proud of what we've achieved so far in our sustainability journey, and are committed to doing more, doing better and driving change in the future. Whether that's changes we can make as soon as next season, or longer term changes that will come into place further down the line.

We've been working hard for a long time, and promise to be open about what we're doing next. We will let you know about new technologies, fabrics, suppliers and processes that do good - rather than harm to our planet.

LKB Conscious is an ongoing process that will never stop. We aim for every dress, shoe or handbag we create to reduce its impact on the environment, and be loved and worn for many years to come. This has always been our aim, and always will be. LK Bennett isn't throwaway fashion and we will continue to champion slow, and increasingly, sustainable fashion designs in our future.