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LK Bennett

Elegance En Route: Decoding the Perfect Attire for a Captivating Destination Wedding

Promising glamour, excitement, and precious time with loved ones, there’s nothing quite like the allure of a destination wedding. It can be challenging to pick the perfect wedding guest outfit for destination weddings, but LK Bennett is here to help with our selection of beautiful designer wedding guest dresses. From tropical beach weddings to elegant alpine celebrations, our curated guide explains how to find the best styles for a variety of settings.

Decoding Destination Chic

There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding on a wedding guest outfit. Of course, you want to look your best, but you also want to make sure you stay comfortable throughout all the festivities.


The wedding’s location will be one of the most important factors when you decide what to wear. If the wedding is taking place somewhere hot and sunny abroad, wedding guest dresses in light fabrics are the best choice. If you’ll be heading to the mountains or the coast, packing some layering options will help to keep you warm into the evening. Or, if the wedding is taking place on the beach or in a vineyard, leave the stiletto heels at home and opt for stylish sandals or flats instead.


The weather will also play an important part in your outfit decision. Wedding guest outfits for summer include light and floaty fabrics, to keep you cool in hot and humid weather. A cardigan or a light blazer is ideal for weather that starts out hot, but turns cooler in the evening. For winter destinations, fabrics like wool, velvet, and cashmere are both stylish and cosy.

Cultural Considerations:

Wherever the wedding is taking place, it is important to respect local customs and religions. Do your research before you start packing to stay stylish while still being respectful. Our modest dressing collection provides plenty of inspiration, including some of our beautiful maxi dresses and skirts, patterned blouses, and tailored trousers.

Dress for the Destination

To help you look and feel your best at your next destination wedding, we have carefully curated a style guide suggesting wedding guest outfits to suit some of the most popular wedding destinations.

Beach Wedding Bliss

If you’re jetting off to an island paradise, beach wedding outfits in light, breathable fabrics like cotton will make you feel both stylish and comfortable. We recommend choosing a flowing patterned dress like our elegant Lucy sundress. Pair it with elegant sandals, gold jewellery, and a chic pair of sunglasses and add a wrap cardigan to keep the party going even after the sun has set. If you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sunshine, don’t forget to pack sun cream and a fan in your clutch bag.

Mountain Majesty:

Weddings set against stunning snowy mountain backdrops are hard to forget, so you’ll need a winter wedding outfit that’s just as memorable. Mountains are certainly beautiful but can mean uneven terrain and unpredictable weather. If the wedding is taking place on the slopes of a luxury ski lodge, we suggest a tailored jumpsuit or trouser suit, a wool cape for warmth, and a pair of statement boots for practicality.

Vineyard Chic:

Vineyards are one of the most romantic destination wedding locations, from Tuscan villas to the scenic villages of Northern Rhône. Picture yourself strolling among the trees and sipping a glass or two of wine as the sun goes down. Stand out in bold jewel tones like our stunning Poppy tiered dress, or dress for the surrounding landscape in a lightweight linen suit in muted colours like blush pink or pale blue. An oversized blazer and a pair of elegant ballet pumps finish the look.

Beyond the Dress: Completing Your Destination Look

Although choosing the right dress is certainly important, there are lots of other ways to complete your perfect destination wedding look.

Accessories With Intention

Accessories can instantly elevate your wedding guest outfit. If you are wearing darker colours, add a pop of colour with eye-catching statement earrings, like these pearl and green crystal drop earrings. Or, opt for a hat or a hair accessory, like our beautiful crystal headband. If you’re wearing a plain trouser suit, a patterned silk scarf tied loosely around the neck looks effortlessly stylish.

Shoe Flair

At a destination wedding, you might encounter several different terrains. For rocky or hilly terrain, consider block heel court shoes or pumps, while on sand, metallic strappy sandals or slingback flats look wonderful with flowy wedding guest dresses. If you’re wearing a bridesmaid dress for an abroad wedding, you may need to match your shoes to the other bridesmaids. A simple pair of nude block heels is a great way to stay comfortable on any terrain.

The Final Touches

A handbag completes any wedding guest outfit. Match your bag to your jewellery with metallic gold and silver styles, or make a statement with a bright suede clutch. Finally, add the last few touches to your hair and makeup. A messy updo looks romantic when worn with floaty halterneck dresses, while a slicked-back bun with a tailored suit is the ultimate level of sophistication. When it comes to makeup, go for glowy, sunkissed skin with gold and bronze eyeshadow on the beach, or a bold red lip and blush for snowy mountains.

Your Destination Style Partner

LK Bennett is the perfect style partner for any destination wedding. With our curated selection of wedding guest outfits suitable for a variety of destinations, you’re sure to find an amazing outfit for your occasion. From timelessly elegant dresses to sophisticated trousers and skirts, browse the full collection to find your dream destination wedding guest attire.

When planning how to dress for a destination wedding, remember that your comfort is key to your enjoyment of the big day. With comfortable shoe options and some warm items to layer up, you’ll be able to feel your most confident and enjoy the event to the fullest.