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LK Bennett

Mastering Petite Style

Our Perfectly Petite range is crafted for a flattering fit on those 5’3” and below. Not simply graded down, our petite collection is carefully measured to ensure the perfect fit across every piece of clothing.

For those who find themselves needing trousers tailored or that midi dresses sit more like maxi dresses. Our petite range is the answer to your problems, with the same LKB quality and style you know and love, just petite.

Available in sizes 6-20, dress confidently in love-forever, investment pieces made with you in mind and bring the extraordinary to the ordinary, everyday.

Understanding Petite Proportions

When it comes to clothing, petite generally refers to those that are 5’3” and below. Our new Perfectly Petite range accommodates those under that height, with sizing ranging from 6-20 to ensure everyone is able to feel like their best version of LK Bennett.

Ensuring the right proportions when it comes to clothes is very important, which is why we valued the introduction of our petite range. While you can buy a standard size dress and have it shortened, that often throws off the crafted proportions of the dress. Resulting in a final piece that feels not quite right.

Our petite range has been fit on models across several sessions, and not simply graded down. We measure each piece to ensure the perfect fit and offer the same quality across our whole collection.

Silhouette Choices for Petite Figures

While we believe in wearing what you love no matter what, there are certain silhouettes and prints that will help to give the illusion of height and elongate a petite frame.

Hemlines are very important and helpful in lengthening a leg. Opting for trouser hemlines that sit just above the ankle or shorter skirt hemlines that sit above the knee is a great trick. Showing more leg gives the illusion of a longer leg and ultimately more height. Try a style like our best selling Charlie tweed dress for a classic dress you can wear time and time again.

Another silhouette that flatters the petite frame is high-waisted trousers. Similarly to the hem of the trouser sitting above the ankle, having the top of the trouser sit higher just extends the leg you have. Accentuating and giving the illusion of height. We love the Tabitha Trousers for this, and pair with a platform heel for some real towering height.

Tailoring is another important element for petite styling. With less height, clothes may gather more around and you want to wear the clothes rather than the clothes wearing you. Having pieces that are tailored or closer fitting help to show your figure and define your proportions. The Ami trouser set is the perfect way to try some tailoring that has been made for a petite frame.

Leveraging Accessories to Flatter

As with tailoring, using accessories can be a clever way to complement a petite frame and to ensure your proportions aren’t being thrown off by oversized bags or baggy dresses that overwhelm your shape.

Opt for dresses that have a tie waist or even add in a belt to cinch in dresses to ensure that your shape isn’t lost. A petite frame can be complemented by cinching in and showing your waist alongside your height.

A simple accessory that helps with dressing when petite is footwear that has a heel or a bit of a lift. That’s not to say you always have to wear platforms or six-inch heels, there are more subtle and everyday styles that can be just as effective.

Try a trainer with a wider sole to lift you away from the ground slightly, like our lift trainers. Or if you want a bit more height, try a block heel that is comfortable while giving you a few more inches.

While you may want to go bigger with heel height, the opposite is true for other accessories. If you go for an oversized bag or necklace, it can seem as if it’s not the right size for a petite person. Chunkier and larger bags can give the illusion of you being smaller than you are. Go for standard or smaller sized bags that will fit better with your proportions.

Essential Petite Wardrobe Staples

    A Petite Occasion Dress The Robyn dress has also been made to our Perfectly Petite proportions. A delicate, timeless design featuring a midi skirt with an asymmetric tier. Wear it with a pair of heels and chic fascinator to cheer on your horse or watch sweet nuptials this summer.

    A Petite Blazer Beautifully tailored, totally timeless and kind to our planet, the new Sky Petite jacket in our Perfectly Petite* collection, works as part of a wear-forever suit with the matching skirt. Wear it with the matching pencil skirt when occasions call or for days in the office. This suit is a keeper.

    A Petite Shirt Dress Our bestselling Valerie dress in our Perfectly Petite* collection can go from smart to casual with ease. Wear it with a chunky court by day and something strappier for dressier moments.

So, discover our Perfectly Petite range, Crafted for those 5’3” and below. Carefully adjusted to adapt lengths while maintaining proportions. Dress confidently in love-forever, investment pieces made with you in mind and bring the extraordinary to the ordinary, everyday.