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LK Bennett

Our Values

L.K.Bennett stands for 4 core values.

Quality: delivered by an unrivalled and consistent level of excellence in everything we do, across all customer touch-points & interactions.

Respect: for our customer; what she wants and expects from us. Due regard and recognition fostering an open and motivating work environment.

Authenticity: articulated through genuine people, real design, honest service and staying true to our origins.

Inspire: our customer to want more and each other to go further. It is ‘how’ we create the emotional connection with our customer.

These values are at the heart of everything we do and we take our ethical credentials very seriously. Customers deserve the expectation that all our products have been produced lawfully, through fair and honest dealing, without exploiting people who make them, ensuring decent working conditions, and ensuring steps are taken to minimize the impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important to our brand and we are committed to responsible business practices within our supply chain.

Equal Opportunities

L.K.Bennett is committed to offering equal opportunities in the workplace. We ensure that all our employees at every level are treated equally and fairly in alignment with our brand values.

Our employees are the essence of our Company, through their provision of exemplary, customer focused service and we endeavour to reward their commitment, fairly and irrespective of their gender.

Counterfeit Products

There are regrettably imitations of genuine L.K. Bennett products available worldwide. We are very concerned by the availability of such counterfeit products and are doing our utmost to eradicate the problem.

We are determined to protect our brand and loyal customers; your help in taking action against the proliferation of such counterfeit products would be hugely appreciated. If you encounter an issue, please do report it to at [email protected]

If you were to purchase counterfeit items we would be unable to compensate you. Authentic L.K. Bennett products can be purchased in any of our stores or online at www.lkbennett.com


L.K.Bennett has been a proud supporter of Women for Women International - UK since March 2015, donating over £115,000 towards the organisation’s work with women in conflict-affected countries.

Women for Women International have supported over 479,000 of the most marginalised women survivors of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo since its inception in 1993. When there is an outbreak of war or violence, women suffer most – they experience trauma, sexual violence and the death of loved ones. After the conflict is over, the world’s attention moves on, but these same women are left to rebuild their families and communities.

Women enrol on Women for Women International’s year-long training programme, where they learn how to earn and save money, improve their family’s health and make their voices heard at home and in their community. With over twenty brutal armed conflicts across the globe, there’s never been a greater need to support women survivors of war. Women can graduate from the Women for Women International programme with the skills, knowledge and resources to become successful entrepreneurs. They will pass on their knowledge to their neighbours and children, creating a ripple effect.

For more information, follow @womenforwomenuk or visit womenforwomen.org.uk UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109

Blue Light Card

We are proud to support the achievements of the UK’s Armed Forces, Veteran and Defence Communities, NHS and Emergency Services and are delighted to offer an exclusive 25% discount for Blue Light and Defence Discount Service card holders in-store and online. You can access this discount via the Blue Light Card website https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk or app using your work email and password. You will be issued with a unique code to use on the L.K.Bennett website, which is applied at the checkout when you’re finished shopping.