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LK Bennett

Discover LK Bennett x GenM

As a female-founded brand with a female-strong team creating beautiful womenswear, at LK Bennett, women are at the heart of everything we do. When GenM approached us to play a part in their vision to revolutionise attitudes towards the menopause, we didn’t hesitate.

We are now part of the GenM collective alongside 80 other brands and are committed to championing the conversation.

Who Are GenM?

GenM empowers brands to understand and cater to menopausal shoppers and employees, improving the experience for all.

Driving a first-of-its-kind movement, GenM works to introduce forward-thinking organisations, employers and brands such as LK Bennett to this group of people –-- in a purposeful and responsible and ethical way.

Alongside many game-changing initiatives, GenM recently launched the M-tick – the world's first recognisable menopause-friendly symbol. Similar to the vegan V or gluten-free labelling, the M-tick aims to make it easy for consumers to find suitable products, providing them with a wealth of choice to take control of their menopause in the way that best suits them.

What’s Our Mission Together?

There are 15.5 million menopausal consumers in the UK alone. It’s a market desperate for better understanding, support and representation. Now is the time to purposefully unite, so we can all better support and connect with this incredibly underserved audience.

Working closely with progressive organisations, we can all use GenM’s ongoing groundbreaking research, knowledge and experience to better understand the 48 symptoms, provide better support to all those in menopause and signpost them to products and services that support their symptoms.

GenM x LK Bennett

Which brings us to our driving inspiration from this collection, to spark joy with a confident approach by dressing with a 'why wait?' attitude.

We want to use our distinct prints, colours and high quality fabrics to give women confidence to dress according to their changing needs. To find her confidence to dress in a way that expresses personality so she feels like the best version of herself everyday.

Find love-forever investment pieces made with you in mind with our same high-level craftsmanship and luxury designs to inspire bringing the extraordinary to the ordinary, everyday.