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LK Bennett

LKB for International Women’s Day

LK Bennett is an iconic fashion brand founded and run by an incredible team of women. This International Women’s Day we want to shine a spotlight on how exactly we empower women, from our incredible team to the inspiring women’s charities we work with.

At LK Bennett, we understand as a fashion brand the power we weald to empower and represent women. Throughout history, fashion has been a tool used to make a statement, and we believe that is still true today.

Beyond the clothes, we understand representation and projecting all female voices is incredibly important. We aim to work with influencers that represent women from different walks of life and ethnicities to represent the breadth of the LKB customer.

We spoke with Charlotte Williams, founder of SevenSix and influencer agency with a focus on diversity and inclusion, to see what the day means for her.

“International Women's Day is an incredible opportunity for women who aren't necessarily celebrities or internet famous to be seen and celebrated. Social media can be a really negative place but days like IWD highlight women who are creating change from the ground up and deserve to be spotlighted. From there, who knows who will see them and what can happen.”

LK Bennett is a company that boasts a strong, female workforce. Our entire digital marketing team is run solely by a team of incredible women. LK Bennett is proud to say that 66% of its senior leadership team are women, compared to the 34% for the UK average.

LKB is a brand that is made for women, and run by women - and proud of it.

We spoke to some of then about what IWD means to them, read what they had to say here.

LK Bennett strive to work with women focussed charities, to support the wider communities. This year we are donating 10% of all profits from the 8th March to WfWI and The Prince’s Trust.

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LK Bennett is a team of strong and ambitious women, and as a company we aim to empower our employees, customers and wider community. IWD gives us time to reflect and celebrate what we have achieved, and what we can improve on in the coming year.

Women are at the core of everything we do, and our promise is to help empower and give a voice to women every day.