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This season, we have used luxury South African mohair in a number of our favourite knits. A unique yarn that looks and feels fantastic, we explore what makes it so special and how we’re committed to using it responsibly.

Natural and renewable

The fleece of the angora goat is one of the most beautiful and sustainable natural fibres in the world. Often referred to as the ‘noble fibre’, mohair is an ancient fibre renowned for its lustre, resilience and colour reflection. Natural and eco-friendly, it’s a renewable resource that provides a sustainable production chain between animal and human.

South African mohair - where the mohair yarn we use is sourced - has become the global leader in mohair production, producing approximately half of the world’s mohair. The combination of its best practice farming and the environment of its Karoo region’s hot dry summers, cold winters and semi-desert vegetation works together to produce the best mohair in the world.

Our promise

We are very proud to support the Responsible Mohair Standard, working in collaboration with industry partners and our knitters to verify the chain of source and ensure that responsible and sustainable practices are used throughout the supply chain, from start to finish.