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Have you heard about LK Borrowed? It's our brand new rental subscription and we're very excited about it - and so is Kelly Eastwood. Cue her lowdown on what it is and how it works. It's as simple as rent, wear, return.
If the idea of an endlessly rotating wardrobe appeals to you - and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it? - then our new rental subscription, LK Borrowed could be for you. Have all the fun of wearing new pieces without the waste associated with buying something and later changing your mind. The beauty of fashion rental is, it’s the ultimate try before you buy.
It all starts with building your wardrobe of dreams. Choose your favourite LKB pieces, or why not experiment with unexpected styles? Simply add what you love to your virtual wardrobe and receive two items at a time to wear as much as you’d like - you can even swap those items up to 8 times a month!
At the end of the month, you send your current pieces back to LK Borrowed and you’ll receive your next box of goodies. Of course, if in the meantime, you decide that you really love something, you always have the option to buy it at up to 50% off the RRP - because we know that sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye complete.
Tune into Kelly's video for more details and visit www.lkborrowed